The Problems You Have With Drugs & Alcohol

You know you have a problem with drugs and alcohol when you have a tendency to spend more on these non-essential items than you would on what should be your regular groceries, as in your essentials, your health food and sundries. To drugs and alcohol, you could just as well add fags, as in the pack a day nicotine packed cigarettes. It is the first thing that a nicotine addict grabs in the morning.

It is the last item he crushes out in his ashtray at night. If he is lucky enough to have a patient partner, there are no kisses tonight. His partner can no longer bear the sensation of kissing an ashtray. A man in a bar said to another man the other night; boy, am I getting old. The other man, who could relate in some ways, replied; no, it is sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Little did they know, perhaps, that there are rock ‘n roll icons out there who are as clean living as they come.

online drug and alcohol course

The folks, those well-meaning folks who would readily subscribe to or sanction an online drug and alcohol course on behalf of a loved one, would never really understand. Unless you have had personal experience of an addiction of any kind, you will never understand. Another true story then, a healthy mother living out her golden years with nothing to complain about but does so anyway, remarks to her son that he and his father had better kick the habit.

The son acknowledges. Yes, mom, I know, but it is so hard. But you’ve got an addiction too, mom, didn’t you know. But you don’t worry about that. It’s a healthy addiction anyhow. Gardening is the mother’s passion.

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